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There are many webpages with no apparent purpose. This is probably one of them. This page contains a full solution of the game Katakombs, published by Golem sometime in the early eighties (1982) for the BBC B home computer. This is a traditional adventure with the familiar environment and treasures. The game contains puzzles but maybe not to everyones sophistication.

You can carry 6 items. Some items can be worn ( Sword, Axe, Rope, Necklace ) and will then not count as being carried.

You need to collect all nine treasures, there are other objects help you acomplish this and can then be discarded. Some objects, like the rope, are used several times.

Pretty standard stuff, but not too bad, in a similar vein to Sphinx Adventure but it doesn't quite make the grade. There are no interactive characters in the game.

This solution completes the game in 172 moves and with 240/250 points. I couldn't get the last 10 points because you need to be holding/wearing all the treasures and that was not possible!!!

I also kept the coins in the chest by not doing an "OPEN CHEST".
Cover Art





Opening Map 
Underground Map 
The maps open in a new window.



Download Files

Windows .EXE (204K) Linux binary (33K)
KAT Data file (identical to BBC version)
BBC Disk Image (.ssd)
To play on a PC, you need to choose your .exe and also take the KAT Data file and make sure it is in the same directory as the binary when you play.

To play on a BBC or Emulator, the .SSD image file contains the two files KATKOMB and KAT1.(MD5 checksums ...68386 and ...00b9d respectively)
Title Screen Victory

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